Poetry In Pictures Series Workshop

The Poetry In Pictures Series workshops are designed to promote creative expression by young people.  The Series uses literature, art, music and film to encourage students to write their own poems and to create visual art inspired by poetry.  Workshops feature original short films made especially for the Poetry In Pictures Series.

Melding literature, painting, sculpture, film, music, puppetry and photography, the short films around which the workshops are structured juxtapose various types of images along with the words of poets like Walt Whitman, Edith Wharton and others.  Classes begin with the poems from the films read aloud.  Groups then discuss the themes and metaphors, similes, contrasts, imagery, rhyming and alliteration.  After the discussion the films are viewed and the students are asked questions about the use of images and how they work with the poems.  The students are also asked what images the poem evoked in them.  Other topics for conversation include:

  • The importance of language and choosing particular words for a purpose (or multiple purposes),
  • How poems depend mainly on carefully selected words that create specific images in our minds, and
  • The way poetry and art are crafted to make us feel and think.

There are specific writing and art assignments for each poem based film.  After the films have been viewed and topics within the films have been discussed, the students will write their own poems based on elements represented in the one of the film’s poems and then create art illustrating their poem.

Further exploration of poetry, art and self-expressions is achieved with writing and art assignments that have been created for poems written by Langston Hughes, Sylvia Plath, William Blake, and others that are not part of the film series.

The materials used for the art assignments in each workshop will vary depending on the space where the workshop is held, the accessibility of water and cleaning supplies, and the budget for materials.  Materials used in the workshops can include: watercolors, acrylic paint, charcoal, pastels, crayons, colored pencils, markers, self drying clay, various types of paper, glue, scissors, and glitter.  The more materials available to the students the more active their imaginations become, but a lot can be achieved with pencil and paper (the minimal essentials).  Rooms will need to be equipped with a TV and DVD player in order to watch the films.

Poetry In Pictures Series workshops have different lengths to fit different schedules.  For more details on the workshops please contact Nancy J. Rodwan at rodwanproductions@gmail.com.

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